Business Consulting Services

Our business consultants are here for you as a resource; when you need us. We can assist you with the implementation of special projects, or, represent you in the Canadian market when you need some local "on the ground" support. Or, perhaps you need a "fresh set of eyes" to look at your existing business systems, logistics, or marketing plan. We have experts in many fields, most with decades of experience, ready to assist you in meeting or exceeding your objectives.

Some of our business consulting services include:

  • Review of your internal processes with recommendations to make your business more efficient, and profitable. Provision or design of corporate infrastructure, logistical, or workflow systems. We can provide you with proven business systems, if none exist.
  • Review of your marketing initiatives and spend, to identify missed opportunities and markets. Recommend and enable "business intelligence" to be employed in analyzing your current marketing program and results. We can assist you in developing marketing and advertising content, and programs.
  • Assist you to drive more leads in to your sales channels.
  • Make recommendations to bring new technologies into your operations to streamline processes, reduce operating costs, and, increase efficiency.
  • Help you to develop "best practices" to employ in your business.
  • Write business plans.
  • Create manuals and provide website content.
  • Provide Sales and customer service training to your inside and outside sales teams.
  • Provide temporary on-site support, as-and-when required.
  • We can act as your sales agents, resellers, or distributors, and can assist you in managing your sales channels.
  • Provide marketplace analysis to define current market trends, and, to aid you in developing a marketing strategy to meet emerging trends and market shifts.
  • Provide opinions and analysis as to corporate strategy or direction.
  • Design and creation of business communications, including "template" letters and forms.
  • We can review your website and IT security, and your IT infrastructure practices, to assist you in locating any potential security concerns.
  • Work with you to develop "contingency planning," standard operating procedures, and, "fail-over" systems for your critical business and communications infrastructure, to maintain "High availability" and "Critical Incident Continuity."
  • Identify, and respond to, REQUESTS FOR PROPOSALS / INFORMATION / QUOTATIONS on your behalf, after developing a strong "RFP Response" package for your business.
  • Assist with the development and writing of business plans, white papers, and business studies.
  • Technology procurement. We can provide you with a completely unbiased "arms-length" opinion as to your upcoming technology purchases and needs. 
  • Trade Show coordination or planning (please see our page on this website).  
  • Coordination with, and/or oversight of, other third-party professionals and contractors.
  • Other consultations and advice as may be requested by the client from time to time.

Our consulting services are very affordable. And, you can hire us just when you need us. There is no ongoing commitment; we have a plan that will work for you, whether it is a "ONE TIME" need or project, or, for ongoing support on a monthly retainer. And, because we are "on contract," you don't need to worry about any of the "downsides" involved with hiring staff internally - no statutory deductions to pay or file, no commitments for severance pay, and, no payroll administration, just to name a few. Give us a call for our fee schedule. 

Let us help you "carry the burden!"

Give us a call or send us an email for a no-cost consultation.