Cloud-based (web-based) CUSTOM Software - built quickly and inexpensively, for YOUR business...

We offer two types of software development: Software built from the "ground up," which is COMPLETELY custom-built for your business, or, "customized" software, built upon software platforms, like ZOHO Creator.

Each type of software development has its own merits. But, most of our client opt for the customized option, built upon the ZOHO framework, given its speed, ease of development, and much lower costs. .

In both models, much like with our Mobile Application development, we consult with you to determine your exact

business needs, your operational requirements, your budget, and, your "wish list." We take this information, and put together a comprehensive proposal, including a financial cost estimate, and, an estimated time to completion.

This is where the two types of development separate: once you have approved our proposal, we begin development, in accordance with the schedule we have given you. We try to keep you informed, as we move through the development process - in both types of development. However, when we are building on a platform such as ZOHO Creator, we do not need to build the "architecture" of the software. It already exists. This means we simply begin building your web portal, online forms, databases, online dashboards, etc... customized for your needs. We can push data, information, electronic versions of your paper forms, into email, or most third-party applications or databases. And, let's not forget, our CMF mobile products like Esurvey, Esurvey2, and EsurveyGPS, are ALREADY fully integrated with the ZOHO platform. All of this saves you money, and provides you with a software product, customized for your needs, and which is available online - using your web browser on virtually any computer or tablet - 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The best part? You have NO COSTS to maintain a database, a server, or, an IT infrastructure to run it all. Just pay your annual licence fees to ZOHO, and, of course, our INEXPENSIVE ONE-TIME development fees. Just FYI - many of our projects come in well under $2,000.00 in development fees using this development model, and, most projects are completed within a couple of weeks.


For "ground up" development, we offer two types of software: server based, and, cloud based. Why? No two businesses are the same. Some enterprises have more "rigorous" security needs. Some have to deal with very specific privacy legislation requiring the local storage of data. Some just prefer having the data behind their own firewall. In any case, we can accommodate both types of development.


We have software engineers who are skilled in the following software development languages / frameworks:

PHP, PERL, JAVA, HTML, FLASH, and others. And, as per our Mobile Application page, OTP Design-Works is PROUDLY affiliated with CLOUD MOBILE FORMS, and develops solutions on the extremely powerful "CMF" Mobile platform, for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry mobile operating systems.


Naturally, building software "from the ground up" is a bit more expensive than starting with an established development environment. But, we believe that custom development does not need to "break the bank." We will try to work within your budget, to design a fantastic proprietary software solution for you. Most of our projects for custom coding range in scope and price from $10,000 to $30,000. But, of course, this entirely depends on your needs, and the functions you want to build into the software. Please give us a call for a free, no obligation consultation, and, to receive a comprehensive project proposal and quotation.   

When you work with a cloud-based application (also called "internet" or "web" based apps), you can access your software - and your all-important data from wherever you are, 24 hours daily. You don't need to worry about insecure, or difficult-to-set-up "VPN tunnels," or, "remote access" software. You open your computer browser, enter your web page address, and, enter your password - and your entire business is at your disposal... 

Why don't you give us a call to discuss your options. There is no charge for the initial consultation, and, we would love to hear from you!