Digital and "hand-drawn" GRAPHIC DESIGN Services for Business

The term "Graphic Design" can mean many things to many people. For many, it refers to the use of powerful software packages to create, edit, and alter images and designs. And, that surely would be an accurate description of the term. At OTP Design-Works, graphic design combines art and science. When we think of "graphic design," we tend to give it a more "global" connotation; we think of the integration of our designs to fit the character, flavour, and culture of our clients' businesses, and, how our designs will help our client achieve their goals. To us, graphic design means using any methodology to create images and branding which will help our clients succeed. We use the latest in cutting-edge software, but, we may also use "old school" hand-rendered images, or, photography, to get your message across, whether it be for website design, marketing materials, sales literature, electronic newsletters, or, whatever other need you may have.

And so, when we had a small local courier client come to us wanting a logo, and brand developed, we were happy to oblige. First, we assessed their needs as a start-up business:

  • Create a logo
  • Create a brand, and, a "story" that people would remember.
  • Design images they could use on vehicles.
  • Design (from scratch) all forms and paperwork to be used in the business.
  • They wanted to "look and feel" bigger than they were, but, did not want to appear to be "too corporate." They did not want "too much polish" in their corporate imagery.
  • They wanted a "rustic" character, to whom most people could relate, and, they wanted a simple message that was easily conveyed and understood.
And so, "HotFoot Harry" was born! The images below were the artist's original sketches of Harry. Our intent was to render them as a digital image, however, the client wanted to use the original drawings. So, we eventually just added some colour to Harry, and, "turned him loose." Sadly, Harry is retired now, as his company was absorbed by a larger organization, but, Harry's work-ethic and spirit lives on here!

HotFoot Harry was born on the page you see here, using a very "old school" pencil and pad drawing method, We were originally going to re-cast Harry as a digital image, but, the client wanted to retain the original "hand drawn" look, so, we simply added some colour to Harry and went from there. Harry possesses some contemporary "cartoon" features. However, Harry is obviously hard-working, happy in his job, trustworthy, and, dedicated to get his deliveries where they need to go... and that was the message the customer wanted. The top right image was selected by the client for use in the logo, and, on paperwork, etc...  

We created this manual invoice for HotFoot Courier

After we designed and created this client's e-commerce website, we designed and printed operational paperwork and forms specifically laid out to correspond with the electronic versions of orders received from customers. While we had created very simple and effective electronic systems to manage deliveries and invoicing, a "paper based" system was needed as a fail-safe, to ensure business continuity - just in case.