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Do you organize SPECIAL EVENTS?

Does your company exhibit at TRADE SHOWS?

Do you use DIRECT MAIL marketing campaigns?

We love to work in these DEADLINE DRIVEN areas... we deliver top quality printed products, on-time, every-time for your URGENT NEED.

Give us a try! We will ship to anywhere in North America.

Or, if you just need a few business cards, envelopes, or carbonless forms for your business, we are VERY HAPPY to do just about any job - BIG or SMALL! Give us a try!

What sets us apart?

We are a little different than many of the “bricks and mortar” printers out there. Most printers only have one type of press, or, specialize in particular types of jobs, or (even worse) try to do everything themselves in-house to save money, and consequently do nothing particularly well.

The shops with only one type of press - whether they are digital, offset, wide-format, or web press houses, end up having to out-source much of their work. It is a very common practice in the print industry to sub-contract out many pieces of a job, or, many of the jobs received, in their entirety. Printers tend to do business with a small group of other trades-people in their local area; printing and finishing equipment is very expensive. If you already deal with a printer, you may want to ask them for a list of their equipment, and, what types of work they send out... and when they send out, are they more concerned about finding the cheapest price they can find so they make a better margin, or, are they concerned about finding you the best possible quality? In many cases unfortunately, it is the former, rather than the latter...   


These practices do not always provide the customer with the best possible quality, service, or price.

As “high concept print-brokers,” we do things a bit differently. We seek out and establish relationships with offset / litho printers, finishing houses, envelope manufacturers, mailing houses, forms printers, digital printers, signage houses, and others. However, we look to only do business with the “BEST IN CLASS” for each of those categories. We do business with a trade house, only after confirming their reputation and standing in the printing community, and, after checking their customer references. We then generally tour their facilities, and, test their work, to ensure they follow “industry best-practices.” And finally, we usually send them some sample jobs, to test their reliability and "real-world" product quality and service. Only then will we add them to our regular roster of vendors. We KNOW who are GOOD, reliable printers, and, which of them offer superior quality and service. In many cases, we have done business with them for several years.  

For each job we receive, we will typically go to our list of approved vendors, and, will then ask them to quote. Normally, we look to receive at least 2-3 quotes for each job. We can then be assured that we will be able to offer our customers a quality product, at a very competitive price – the best part is, that all this service costs our clients NOTHING. We receive BULK WHOLESALE pricing from our trade houses, as we provide them with a great deal of repeat business. Accordingly, we also receive priority service - our jobs are often run before their own in-house jobs. So, in buying form us, you are ASSURED to receive the HIGHEST QUALITY, FAIR PRICING, and, FAST, EFFICIENT SERVICE.


Don't leave any of this to chance! Your printed goods - just like your website and other marketing platforms - represent your company. Executing with poor quality does not reflect well on your business.

the best news? All this service does not cost you anything! Because we deal in volume, and are well-established print brokers (in the printing / brokerage business since 2003), we receive fair wholesale trade discounts from our vendors. In most cases, a portion of these discounts are passed on to you, but, our “commission” or service fee is also taken from these wholesale trade discounts. In many cases, you may pay LESS than if you went to the printer directly. And, we manage the entire job, from start to finish for you. You can use our very skilled in-house graphic artists, or, use your own... we will gladly work with them to achieve the best results FOR YOU.


If the job requires specialty processes like thermography (raised ink), embossing, numbering, foil stamping, die-cutting, envelope insertion, or what-have-you, rest assured, we will get it done for you...don't think twice about it!

Is the price you receive from us going to be the absolute "cheapest" on the market? No, and you probably don’t want it to be. We don’t deal with the “deep retail discounters.” The print industry has consolidated greatly over the past 10 years. Many of those engaging in heavy retail discounting have gone bankrupt and closed up shop, as their margins could not sustain their business. The print business is “capital-intensive” in that printers and trade houses need to constantly invest, and re-invest in their equipment to keep current with technology. And, when heavy discounting is employed as a tactic to win retail business, corners are cut; cheap paper stock is used, cheaper offset plates are used, less costly and inexperienced operators / pressmen run the jobs, etc… this makes a huge difference to the quality of the finished product. And, what happens when there is a problem with a job you have run? Will they be there to fix it, or, will they have gone bankrupt? What happens if you have paid for dies, or screens, or other “templates?” Are they lost when the business closes? What happens when you pay for an order, and then discover your printer moved in the middle of the night? We avoid dealing with these heavy retail discounters, for these very reasons. As with most things, “you get what you pay for.”

With our business model, this also means that if or when a particular vendor “drops the ball,” or, is too busy to complete a job in the timeline you have available, we normally have another fully vetted vendor ready to “pick up” your job, to make sure you meet your critical deadlines. All of this happens “behind the scenes,” from your perspective. WE are the ones who manage the deadlines and deliveries. WE manage the trade houses. WE take care of the printing problems; you have your own business to run.

For these reasons, and others, we only do business with well-established printers and trade houses; those who offer high-quality products, and who are financially sound. You, as a customer, need them to be there next week, next month, or next year, to stand behind their work, and, to service you again. These trades people do not need to resort to heavy retail discounting – the last gasp for air of a dying print business. Our printers have good solid repeat business; customers who care about quality, like you. But, each of these quality printers or trade houses was selected because something well; WE have the resources and contacts to ensure that EVERY PART of your job is done well. So no, the prices we charge are not “the cheapest” on the market. In our opinion, “cheapest” is not always cheap! We deliver value. We deliver a fair, honest, competitive price, with a high level of service, and a sincere commitment to quality, and business integrity.

For your "specialty" or "custom" printing jobs, instead of providing a quotation simply based on the "printed goods" requirements, we only provide a quotation after you have spoken with one of our business consultants, to help us determine your specific needs, requirements, timelines, and goals. In short, we are a “solutions provider,” in addition to being a print broker. This sets us apart, and, we hope you notice the “value adds” we bring to your business. If you have a "straight-forward" print job for us, please feel free to use our online print estimator tool to get your quote instantly!

Sample of our own business cards

This is an image of our own business card format: note the creative extras like the custom background, with the imagery aligned for best effect with the text. The card was printed on 18pt. card stock, and was laminated with a 1.7 mm "silk" laminate, which provides a beautiful and expensive feel when held in your hand, and a very subtle "high-quality" sheen. These are the types of "value-adds" we bring to our designs. For contrast, the back of the card was printed in greyscale, using imagery similar to the front of the card for the background effect. Pretty spectacular! These changes are low-cost "value-adds" that deliver "high appeal" and it sends the message that this card belongs to a "quality" organization. As we all know: in business, every little advantage counts!  

Back side of our business cards