OTP Design-Works Document, File, or Artwork UPLOAD PAGE

If your file is under FIVE MEGABYTES (5mb) in size, and, you have only ONE FILE to upload, you may upload your file on the form directly below. However, if your file is larger than 5mb, or, you have multiple files to send us, please use the LARGE FILE portal further down this page. THANK YOU!

To upload your LARGE or MULTIPLE files, please use the forms below. You can upload up to six files at any one time, with a combined total size of 200mb. Please: NO INDIVIDUAL FILES LARGER THAN 200mb. Preferred ART file types are PDF, PNG, and TIFF. If you are submitting art, please ensure resolution is AT LEAST 300dpi for best results. Please make certain you include your name, phone number, email address, and, your REFERENCE NUMBER or ESTIMATE NUMBER (if applicable). THANK YOU for your business... we look forward to serving you.

STEP 1 - SEND US YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. We will send you back an email containing a password to access the UPLOAD FORM:

STEP 2 - ENTER THE PASSWORD IN THE FIELD BELOW. Once you have entered the password, the UPLOAD LARGE OR MULTIPLE FILES form will open for you to submit your files: