CUSTOM MOBILE SOFTWARE FOR SMARTPHONES & TABLET DEVICES - for most Android® and BlackBerry® Operating Systems...iPhone® apps coming soon!

To get your very own DEMONSTRATION version of Cloud Mobile Forms for Android, or Esurvey for BlackBerry, please complete the "Esurvey / CMF Activation Form" below. You will receive an email with download details, and, complete installation instructions.

If you already have a DEMO LICENCE, and wish to upgrade to a FULL PAID LICENCE, or, if you are an EXISTING CUSTOMER wanting to request new licences or software upgrades, please also complete the form below: it greatly assists us in serving you, and, to expedite your requests...

Once you have installed Esurvey or CMF and are ready to proceed with an activation, please enter the following information so we can process your request:

Mobile Software Applications - Customized for your business needs, starting from only $9.99 per month.

OTP Design-Works recognized the emerging "digital tidal wave" earlyon, and saw the changes that would be forced upon businesses in the marketplacein order for them to compete. We saw how business was evolving into amore digital, portable, online, and paperless format. When the wave was nothingmore than a "ripple in the water," our C.E.O. spent almost 5 yearsperforming "business development services" in the "mobileproductivity" space, building business solutions around mobile devices.More specifically, working with cutting-edge applications and platforms basedaround smartphones and tablet devices. In fact, our C.E.O. was instrumental indeveloping brand new mobile and cloud-based solutions for customers in severalindustry verticals.

Now, OTP Design-Works is a multi-disciplinary business solutions provider. Wework WITH you to develop exactly the right technology tools to help you growyour business. These tools often include mobile or cloud-based software.

We have a team of dedicated and very skilled software developers, graphic artists, business consultants and others, to help design the solutions designed for your business - at VERY affordable prices. OTP Design-Works is based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, with affiliated software developers / coders,designers, artists, and, trade houses in many cities across North America, and Europe.

Additionally, we have teamed up with CLOUD MOBILE FORMS to deliver cutting-edge mobile and cloud-based applications to you. OTP Design-Works is an agent and authorized reseller of Cloud Mobile Forms, and, their software products. OTP works very closely with CMF, Consulting with their team on a daily basis. OTP Design-Works provides CMF with representation in the North American marketplace, and assistance with contract implementation all over the world.Cloud Mobile Forms (“CMF”) provides high quality, expert consulting and professional implementation and support services for the full range of Zoho online business solutions for small to medium sized business in The Americas and European region.
Their services focus on providing an infrastructure to expand, through detailed business and core competencies analysis, couple with the introduction of cost-effective software systems, such as fully customized Zoho Creator and Zoho CRM databases, and, mobile and cloud-based forms management implementations. These solutions, coupled with their own “Esurvey” and “Cloud Mobile Forms” product families - which are fully integrated with The ZOHO products - means they (and we) are able to offer comprehensive"custom" web-based and mobile business solutions, at extremely affordable prices. Cloud Mobile Forms is based out of Weston Florida, with offices in Latin America.

How do our apps work? How do I get started? How much will it all cost? Read on to find out...

We use CMF's wonderful mobile platforms as our development structure. Esurvey, Esurvey2, EsurveyGPS / Arcangel are CMF products which allow for extremely rapid development of virtually any kind of mobile business application. For some of the functions available, see the list on the sidebar on this page. Our pricing list is below.

What can you do withthe CMF platforms? Well, the list is really endless. However, themost common reasons to use the mobile platforms is to:

Reduce or eliminate paper records (go paperless - VERY GREEN), reduce or eliminate manual data-entry labour, reduce or eliminate data-entry errors, automate time and attendance tracking, automate billing for services, track sales activities, compliance and quality assurance- ensure your staff are where they are

supposed to be, and WHEN they are supposed to be there, proof of delivery, field inspection reports, lone-worker safety, etc...

Esurvey / CMF software isused in the following industries and verticals:

Healthcare, sales route,delivery and logistics, law enforcement and security, retail, manufacturing,education, distribution, construction / contracting, sales lead tracking, insurance adjusting, car rentals, many, many more...

Essentially, there are a few easy steps to get started...


A trial version of the CMF software is available for you to test and evaluate. Note that "custom branding" with your company's logo, colours, and, information is available for all of the platforms as well.

Simply send us an email withyour MAKE, MODEL and OS version of your phone, and, we will send you the appropriate software to download and install, with complete instructions. You may also download the app from the "Google Play Store®" for Android®, or, the "BlackBerry World®" website. However, if you do so, we ask that you then contact us for support and training, if needed.

Please select the platform you need from the list below. We look forward to getting your request for:

Esurvey for BlackBerry OS 5, 6 & 7 has all of the basic functionality listed on the sidebar. Even this"basic" functionality is very powerful. And, at $9.99 per month, per device, is VERY affordable!

Esurvey2 / CMF for Android® has additional features, like the ability to send out and receive "one-time-use" surveys / forms, and, the ability to "geo-tag" particular locations; this includes the automated starting and stopping of "appointments"or "jobs" when your staff arrive at a particular location - for payroll and billing purposes. This represents an AMAZING value at $14.99 per month, per device.

EsurveyGPS / Arcangel has all of these functions above, plus, GPS "cookie crumb" tracking ability, and, a web-based login portal where you can view / track the activity of your devices and personnel out in the field. With no other GPS-enabled platform do you get this level of customization, or features, for an extremely affordable $19.99 per month, per device.

Once you have downloaded your software platform, please follow the directions to register to receive your licence to activate the software.


Give us a call or drop us an email to let us know you have installed your Esurvey software platform. We will then set an appointment with you for a COMPLIMENTARY (no cost)

"TURBO TRAINING TUTORIAL" on Esurvey / CMF, of up to 15 minutes in length, or, we can provide you with some "Quick Start" documentation, which will familiarize you with Esurvey / CMF, and how to navigate within the platform.

If you feel you are ready,you can now go ahead and build your own application within the Esurvey environment. This is because of Esurvey's unique design and architecture - YOU DESIGN YOUR APP RIGHT IN THE APP!

And, Esurvey communicates with other devices, or servers, on a PEER-TO-PEER basis, in real-time. There is NO MIDDLEWARE required in most cases. Esurvey has the necessary tools built into "handshake" with almost any other software platform. If you are designing your own application, then we are DONE!. Your ONLY cost is the recurring monthly licence fee for each device on which you install Esurvey / CMF.


However, if you need a bit of help, we are HERE FOR YOU. We will gladly build your CUSTOM application, as per the UNBELIEVABLY LOW rates we quote below. So, if you need a bit of help getting going, on to the next step... 




After we have completed your TURBO TRAINING TUTORIAL session, if you require a bit of assistance getting started, we will provide a no-cost consultation with one of our very experienced 

BUSINESS CONSULTANTS to ascertain your operational needs for the software. We will ask you questions about your business, and, determine exactly what it is you need to accomplish with the software. This consultation session will be anywhere from 10 minutes, up to 30 minutes in length, in most cases. Larger projects will obviously require more time, but, it is usually quite "painless" for you. Please have ready any paper-based forms you want to replicate electronically,and / or any "spreadsheet" based information you currently rely upon; anything we will be replicating electronically. We will ask you to explain the forms and information contained therein to us.

If we jointly determine you need some additional help, during the session we will explain our prices, and, give you a rough idea of what your development costs would be if you choose to work with us. If you are amenable, we will then send you an estimate or  formal proposal specifically detailing all of the work we would perform, and our prices, for your consideration. But, please note: your custom application can be built by us for as little as $120... and these are "one time"development costs. The only recurring fee is the monthly "per device" licence fee. Please see our pricing chart below for more information... 


Once we have received your signed proposal back, and received your payment, we will build your custom application. This will generally only take a few days - but we will advise you of our estimated completion time. Once we have built your application, and tested it, we will send it to you to install on your device(s). You can install it on one device, or, on as many as you like. One of the AMAZING features of this technology is it's ability to make changes quickly and easily - if something changes in your business YOU can make the change to the software, very easily, and send it to all of your devices from your own smartphone or tablet. Even from the field; you can make changes "on the fly" if needed.


Once we have sent you the custom application, and you have installed it, we will provide you with a brief training and orientation. This generally only take a few minutes,as the "learning curve" on the software is very quick.


However, rest assured, if you need us for additional training, to train your staff, or for any other consultation, WE WILL BE THERE FOR YOU. We can even come to your location if you need us. Please ask about our fees for these additional services, and about the CMF help desk.


That's it! You are up and running with your custom software - all within DAYS, not weeks or months, and, for  HUNDREDS, or THOUSANDS of DOLLARS, not tens of thousands of dollars or more!


Just one question: Why haven't you called or emailed us yet? 


We turn an everyday "smartphone" into a complete BUSINESS PLATFORM.


With one of our custom applications, you can manage your sales force, your field technicians, your contractors or trades, perform all of your timekeeping, payroll, and billing functions - ELIMINATING data-entry, or even perform quality assurance functions.


We can even tie your application into our "ON-BOARD" GPS platform, for even more control of your business.


Sales orders, work orders, or "on-the-fly" quotations for your customers? NO PROBLEM! We can even access your database of products or inventory, in REAL-TIME and merge those items into your quotation or invoice. What else can we do? Just about any kind of data-collection: upload photos, videos, voice notes, or even "draw" over a photo with a stylus or your fingertip... and so much more, we can't list it all here. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call, or send us an email to find out how we can POWER UP your business and profits!