WELCOME to OTP Design-Works!

By entering or viewing this website, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions of use. Please see our WEBSITE TERMS OF USE and PRIVACY POLICY by clicking the button on the right-hand sidebar. "OTP Design-Works" is a division of Ontario Trade Printers Inc. ("OTP").

OTP Design-Works designs and markets custom applications you can use ANYWHERE! What does "cloud computing" mean? It means that you can access your software from any place, or, any device with an internet browser and data connection: desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets!, We design cloud-based (web based) software applications for various industries, and we produce "ground-up" custom software design, website design or integration, electronic forms and business systems, and digital graphics. Having said all that, we specialize in working on the various powerful, and, affordable ZOHO PLATFORMS. 

What this means for you? It means we can build your software at a fraction of the price it might otherwise cost, with features, security, scalability, and, functionality most custom applications could only DREAM of having!

For many of our clients, our involvement starts with the client wanting or needing to automate processes to save money, and, to make the organization more efficient. In these cases,our LOW-COST custom mobile applications and web-based software packages are often where we start. Please take a moment to review all of the pages in our site to acquaint yourself with our range of products and services for your business.

However, before you do that, let's discuss our software services, and your business needs, briefly:

What industry,profession, or type of business do you manage? The good news is that we probably have a mobile application or web-based software solution for you. And,if we don't, we will build one! The even better news is that it won't "break the bank." We know that your business runs on a tight budget -almost every enterprise does. We also know that you probably want to improve your business processes, efficiency, and, productivity... we're here to help you do that, but, on a budget that WORKS for you.

We also know that your time is valuable, and, you don't want or need to lead a "coder" around "by-the-hand" going through each detail of a new application "line-by-line" or "screen-by-screen." This is where we excel. Before we begin any design work, one of our experienced Business Consultants will spend a bit of time with you in an initial consultation, to determine what YOU WANT, and what YOU NEED in your application to make it work best for your business. The Business Consultant, with years of experience, can then provide intuitive direction to the coding staff, software developers, or design team. As your application takes shape, the Consultant will provide feedback and guidance to the team - leaving you free to run your business. Of course, the Consultant will keep you updated, and, will occasionally solicit your feedback to ensure we are on the "right track" to produce a solution that will really help drive your business forward. This service is what sets us apart, and, is provided as a "value added service" to you, our customer, at no extra charge.

We can turn your everyday "smartphone" into a complete BUSINESS PLATFORM.

With one of our custom Zoho applications, you will be able to manage your sales force, your field technicians, your contractors or trades, perform all of your timekeeping, payroll, and billing functions - ELIMINATING data-entry, or even perform quality assurance functions.

We can even tie your application into our "ON-BOARD" GPS platform (FLUID MOBILITY FLEET), for even more control of your business!

Sales orders, work orders, or "on-the-fly" quotations for your customers? NO PROBLEM! We can even access your database of products or inventory, in REAL-TIME and merge those items into your quotation or invoice. What else can we do? Just about any kind of data-collection: upload photos, videos, voice notes, or even "draw" over a photo with a stylus or your fingertip... and so much more, we can't list it all here. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call, or send us an email to find out how we can POWER UP your business and profits!


$10.00 per MONTH, plus a small one-time set-up fee.