OTP Design-Works



You run a busy enterprise and need a little help organizing your company's show appearances...

Or perhaps, you are new to booking your company into trade shows, and simply don't know where to start.

Either way, we are delighted to assist you.

Our experienced team can provide as much, or as little assistance as you need to make your trade show a resounding success. All of our services are offered "a la carte," so feel free to select only those services you need, or, ask us to provide a COMPREHENSIVE END TO END trade show support solution.

These services allow you to concentrate on YOUR business, and not on trying to be a part-time "trade show coordinator" on top of running your business.

The services we offer:

  • Booking the trade shows and assisting with selection of highest traffic booth locations
  • Evaluating your trade show booth "footprint." Do you need a 10' inline booth, a 20' inline booth, a corner booth, or perhaps a premium 40' x 40' "island" booth. Tell us your budget, and, we will work to optimize your spend. 
  • Setting up and ordering all of your trade show services: electrical, lighting, A/V, internet, janitorial, food or hospitality services for booth staff or customers, communications, etc...
  • Arrange and SET-UP (or provide) electronic lead capturing devices or services. 
  • Design of your booth graphics, and, even the coordination of the building or ordering your booth, with careful attention given to weight, durability, packing and crating, ease of set-up, and customs clearance. We have years of experience in this - it is important to help in keeping your costs down, and to avoid problems with shipping. 
  • Printing of all literature, business cards, and printed sales collateral, as may be required. 
  • Liaise with, and provide a communication channel to and from the Trade Show management. 
  • Arranging for on-site set-up and tear down services for your booth, either with in-house facility resources, or, with experienced personnel under contract to us. 
  • Arranging for the timely, cost-effective, and safe shipment and customs-clearance of your trade show booth and goods. 
  • We can make all the hotel and ground transportation arrangements for you and your staff, keeping in mind your budget, and, accessibility to the show venue. .
  • We can arrange tickets for you to trade show events, dinners, etc... for you and your staff or guests. 
  • We can make restaurant reservations for you and your staff or guests - this should not be overlooked as local restaurants are often filled to capacity when large trade show events are taking place nearby. 
  • We will arrange for any meeting rooms you may need during the event. 
  • Arrange for the tear-down, and return shipping of your trade show booth and goods. 
  • We are also pleased to provide ON-SITE services, if requested:

- Training of your staff on "trade show best practices" 
- Provision, supervision,  and training of temporary staff for the event. 
-  On-site supervision of all ancillary services: set-up, tear-down, liaison with show coordinators, IT support, etc...
- Meet and greet your staff or customers to the event and provide local "concierge" services.
- Take quality photographs of booth and staff for later use 


OPTION 1 - "a la carte"

Any individual service, or group of services, by the hour @ $85 per hour (plus any applicable taxes) the costs of materials, services, reservations, or accommodations ordered or booked on your behalf. Our minimum fee is for 4 hours of service, per event ($340.00).

OPTION 2 - Complete "End to End" Remote Management

ALL services noted above except for on-site services at the trade show @ $1000 per 100 square feet of exhibit space booked, per event. For example: a 10' x 10' space = 100 square feet. Our charge would be $1000.00 (plus any applicable taxes). A 30' x 10' booth = 300 square feet of exhibit space, therefore, our charge would be $3000.00, plus taxes. Our minimum OPTION 2 package fee is $1000.00 per event. These prices do not include the costs of materials, services, reservations, or accommodations ordered or booked on your behalf. 

OPTION 3 - Complete Trade Show Package, inclusive of ON-SITE services. 

This option would include an on-site coordinator to provide liaison and service for all trade show related events, and, to act as a local "concierge" for you and your staff or customers. We can even provide "trade show best practices" training for your staff. Pricing for this option starts with OPTION 2 pricing PLUS $625 per day or partial day, per "coordinator" provided, for on-site services (not including any applicable taxes). Our minimum fee for on-site services is $1250.00. Booth staff can also be provided at $350.00 per day, per booth "staff member." 
These prices do not include the costs of materials, services, reservations, or accommodations ordered or booked on your behalf. Travel or accommodation costs for our on-site coordinators or staff, if necessary, are charged to you at our cost.

*Please note: Any applicable taxes are not included in pricing above.