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OTP Design-Works is a multi-disciplinary "boutique solutions development and business services bureau."

We create customer applications for businesses using the INDUSTRY-LEADING, POWERFUL, FLEXIBLE, and, INEXPENSIVE ZOHO suite of solutions, including ZOHO ONE, ZOHO CRM, ZOHO BOOKS, ZOHO CREATOR, ZOHO SITES, ZOHO INVENTORY, ZOHO ANALYTICS, and, much more... 

We also provide completely custom "ground-up" software development services, software integrations, and business consulting services; please just ask us!

We have been working with ZOHO products since 2008. 


We are one the most experienced ZOHO CONSULTANTS and DEVELOPERS in the market. All of our team members reside in Canada. 

Our experienced team of highly skilled  and experienced CONSULTANTS, PROJECT MANAGERS, and ZOHO CERTIFIED software developers is available to serve your business needs, and to assist you with growing your business and profits. All of our senior developers have a diploma or degree in "software development" or a related field, from a recognized and accredited North American college or university. All of our junior developers, who work under the supervision and tutelage of our senior coders and our Senior Business Consultants, are EITHER actively enrolled in a software development program at an accredited college or university, or, are engaged/enrolled in a cooperative education program in one of these higher-learning institutions; they work with us to gain experience and skills toward their graduation credits. We will also hire very experienced coders with significant training and experience from the general marketplace. Even with our strict recruitment practices, ALL of our coders must still pass a very exacting and challenging skills test before gaining a position with us. Fewer than 1 in 10 potential applicants are able to meet our standards and pass this skills test. And, after working with us for several months, these highly trained software developers must still pass the ZOHO CREATOR CERTIFICATION exam to earn a permanent place on our roster.

We only hire and work with coders located, educated, and trained in North America. We always endeavor to provide the HIGHEST QUALITY services and customer experience possible; if we make a mistake, we will "own it," and will "fix it." We stand by our pricing quotes. We offer REAL VALUE, not "FALSE ECONOMY." To understand our sophisticated "western" business environment, business culture, and, business practices, we feel it is important for your coders to have this background, and, understanding of our customers' needs.

You can be assured that the coders working on YOUR APPLICATION are the best, and most experienced available anywhere.

It is NOT exaggeration to say that we have some of the most highly trained, skilled, and, creative ZOHO DEVELOPERS anywhere in the world on our team.

We have been working with the entire range of ZOHO ONE applications since the product's inception.  

We have built HUNDREDS of applications using ZOHO CREATOR as an application builder engine, and, have installed ZOHO CRM for companies ranging from "Ma & Pa" operations, right up to ENTERPRISE CLASS international businesses. 

Our solutions are simple and elegant in presentation, but, sophisticated and "robust" in execution.

We STAND BEHIND OUR WORK. We will always stand with our customers, and, will always fully debug and test our apps. We also offer NO CHARGE service tickets post-deployment (limitations apply). We are there for you for the "long-haul;" we want to be your long-term solutions partner.

Video of our President, and Senior Business Consultant, visiting the ZOHO SALES OFFICE in Austin Texas, after consulting with various clients all over the United States and Canada: